The Pre-Approved Buyer Is A Winning Buyer

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One of the most rewarding and gratifying aspects of being a Keller Williams Realtor is to educate and empower homebuyers to make decisions that will benefit them and fulfill their needs. To that end, I can really appreciate our teachers who educate our children and provide them with the opportunity for a bright future.

And as we all realize, learning does not stop after someone has earned an undergraduate or advanced college degree. Back in May, I met a wonderful young couple who told me they would be shopping for a new home later during the summer.

I informed them about the advantages of being “mortgage pre-approved” as the first step of their house hunting journey.

Early in July when we reconnected, they profusely thanked me for my input and asked me to be their Realtor. Even better, they had taken the important “mortgage pre-approval” first step that enables realtors to do the best possible job of focusing their new home search in the quickest and most efficient manner.

During mortgage pre-approval, the mortgage consultant whom you select asks you questions about your financial situation, including your credit history and current income. You submit a preliminary application to a lender, who reviews your credit along with other items, and then let you know what type of loan they can make, including loan amount, interest rate, and terms.

This enables all parties to determine a veritable “comfort level” for your monthly mortgage payment, and 1) determines how much you can spend on a home, 2) arrive at the size of the mortgage you can obtain, and 3) locks in a lower interest rate before it increases.

Furthermore, your pre-approval quickens the process when you find your dream home, and also gives you a significant advantage when you bid on a property.

In a bidding scenario, the seller will in all probability look more favorably upon a pre-approved buyer’s offer when more than one is submitted. This almost always occurs because the seller realizes that you (as a pre-approved buyer) can finance the purchase.


While being pre-approved at the very outset of the buying process gives you a significant advantage, you can also enhance your chances of landing the home of your dreams at the back end, as well.

When you submit an offer to buy, be sure to let the seller know of your desire to live in their home by submitting a letter stating your sentiments. In your “Buyer Letter to the Seller”, please feel free to state your appreciation for what their home will mean to your family and its quality of life.

Taking this idea a step further and utilizing today’s emerging technology, you might choose to submit a “Buyer Video to the Seller” by using the capability of your cell phone to film and then transmit your feelings to the seller. In either scenario, your offer will definitely stand out from the others.


I sincerely hope that this information enhances your homebuying experience. Please be sure to Email me at or call me at (469) 441-0849 if you are in the market for a new home.




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